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Coaching and Support for Addiction Recovery

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Specialized coaching and support for addiction recovery is provided for all patients of the MyLife Recovery CentersTM Addiction Recovery program : by phone and Skype.

Once the patient has undergone the minimally invasive outpatient procedure, the cravings for alcohol or opiates will be greatly reduced or eliminated. It is at this time, when the client’s thoughts are no longer dominated by intrusive, overwhelming urges, that the Coaching and Support Program can have its greatest effect. He or she can and will be far more receptive to changing their attitudes, behaviors and habits in discreet, one-on-one coaching sessions with our qualified Coaches. These sessions can occur (to greatest effect) at our offices face-to-face, or even via telephone or Skype; based upon the needs and convenience of the patient.

Unlike most other programs, our patient recovery program takes place within the context of their everyday lives. No leaving friends, family and work to go away for a lengthy period of time for extended inpatient treatment. The patient instead stays within his or her personal environment, learning to effectively cope with the stressors, triggers and habits that typically led him or her to drink or ingest opiates in the first place.

Sessions usually occur on a weekly basis and typically last for roughly six months. However, duration is flexible based upon what the doctor and coach think would be optimal for each patient. Beyond the Coaching and Support for addiction sessions, patients are encouraged to seek support from any number of community groups, social networks or healthy outlets in order to help attain and maintain a life of sobriety.

Removing or reducing the urge to drink while addressing behavioral changes within the context of the patient’s daily life is precisely how we can achieve such transformative, powerful, long-lasting results.

Coaching and Support for addiction is provided to all our patients.

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