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Outpatient Approach

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Outpatient Pellet Medication and Insertion

Proven to Block the Effects of Alcohol and Opioids

The small MyLife Recovery CenterTM medication pellets provide a unique approach to treating addiction by blocking the effects of alcohol and opioids in one dose; patients can no longer get a “high” when they take these substances. Plus cravings are eliminated for most patients.*

For over 70 years, compounded medication pellets have been an innovative and popular method for taking medication because of their effectiveness due to improved absorption of medication and time released ability, plus convenience due to difficulty in adhering to medication schedules. Examples include the insertion of hormone replacement therapy and birth control pellets.

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Pellets Ensure Medication Compliance

FDA approved Naltrexone is traditionally available as a pill or injection. However an addict may not be compliant with ongoing and timely adherence to the medication schedule. Also, Naltrexone works so well patients are typically convinced they are addiction free and will not continue the medication regimen, causing immediate relapse. But now one insertion of the exclusive MyLife Recovery CenterTM Naltrexone pellets delivers a consistent low dose of medication blocking the effects of alcohol and opioids for about a year. Plus cravings are also eliminated for most patients.*

Quick and Simple Outpatient Pellet Insertion

Two MyLife Recovery CenterTM pellets, together only measuring about 1 inch, are inserted just under the top layer of the skin, typically on the side of the abdomen for men or beneath the bikini line for women (or can be placed elsewhere in consultation with the physician). The insertion takes about 15 minutes, uses only local anesthesia and an average of 3 tiny stitches.* Patients can return home or to work immediately and the benefits of the medication occurs the same day!

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