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The MyLife Recovery Centers™ Program

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There is no cure to addiction. It is a chronic medical disease that can, and must be managed, but only by treating it like other chronic medical conditions. Taking the first steps requires courage. MyLife Recovery Centers™ offers a comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program designed to help and heal both the mind and the body. Along with using the Naltrexone Implant, our unique approach begins by addressing vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, electrolyte abnormalities, and providing a safe and comfortable outpatient alcohol detoxification. Co-morbid anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders will be addressed. We then provide a compounded implant of an FDA approved medication that serves to significantly reduce or eliminate the cravings for alcohol or drugs for an extended period of time. By eliminating the cravings for patients are able to refocus their energy and effectively benefit from our individually tailored, one-on-one counseling/recovery coaching program. Throughout the course of this program triggers are identified, behaviors are modified, and support networks are established and fortified. We adhere to the highest level of confidentiality throughout our patients’ entire treatment process, making this a private program.

One-on-One Alcohol and Drug Counseling/Recovery Coaching Program:

Tailored specifically for helping each individual’s mental and spiritual recovery from addiction, the Recovery Coaching Program is designed to assist with adjusting to a drug and alcohol-free life and traveling the pathway to a successfully rehabilitated state. At MyLife Recovery Centers™ we employ experienced and licensed drug and alcohol counselors that will continue to support each patient’s progress for many months following their procedure. Once the Naltrexone implant is placed and the intense and burdensome cravings are curbed, our patients are receptive and ready to effectively focus on identifying and managing triggers, isolate and replace destructive thought patterns, and modify unhealthy behaviors. Understanding that most people have busy lives with many responsibilities, these private and personal sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or via skype (whichever is most convenient for the patient, although we encourage face-to-face sessions) Throughout the recovery process, our counselors will help create and encourage participation in a support network of the patients choosing. Our treatment experience has shown that those patients who commit to and complete this comprehensive program have a high chance of lasting and a durable recovery!

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