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Being freed of the physical cravings from alcohol and drugs is critical in the recovery process. Once you remove the unwelcome urge to drink or use, you can refocus on your life, your relationships, your family, and the long term behavioral aspect of the recovery. Removing the cravings is of the utmost importance during the first six months when recovering.

Our program is comprehensive, so as to provide each one of our patients with the highest opportunity for success. In addition to utilizing medicine to address the physical and neurobiological aspect of the disease, our patients will participate in intensive and individualized one-on-one sessions with our licensed drug and alcohol counselors (most of whom are recovered alcoholics.) As discussed above, to obtain and maintain sobriety, the physical AND the psycho-social/behavioral aspect of addiction must be addressed. The Naltrexone implant is a very effective tool that virtually eliminates the physical cravings for an extended period of time. Once physical cravings are suppressed, the individual can then focus entirely on the equally important and difficult psycho-social aspect of the addiction. Study after study indicates that medical therapy in combination with counseling is superior to medical therapy alone. It is critical to understand that addiction is a lifelong struggle.

Our program has remarkable success in establishing sobriety in the vast majority of our patients. Once successfully enrolled in our program, and liberated from the shackles of alcohol or drug addiction, we strongly encourage and endorse long-term participation in support groups (12 step, or otherwise) to maintain personal focus, lifelong surveillance, and to offer a helping hand to others that fight a similar struggle.

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